Q & A 59

From : Gunner

Question :

I would like to give my female Taoist friend a Su-Chu..(Mala-Prayer Beads)
I know she would wear it on her right wrist, but that’s it. We are in
America. But I am not sure how many beads are in a Taoist Su-Chu (I thinkĀ 108), & since she doesn’t own one already, I would need to give her a Mantra or a Sutra, to meditate on while she prayed with the Su-Chu.
So my question is, could you please tell me how many beads are in a Taoist
Su-Chu? And could you tell me a short Mantra or Sutra in English I could share with her? Namaste, Thank you for your help. Gunner (more…)

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Q & A 58

From : Rudy
Question :
I would like to ask again. If in a house of my relatives there is an altar, and they grieve due a family member passed away, is it true that the altar has to be covered and should not be worshiped? If it is true, what is normally used to cover? And when can we pray there again as normal? Thank you. (more…)

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Q & A 57

From : Rudy
Question :
In essence, Rudy mentioned that he pray in the morning and afternoon at home in front of the altar. However, he is confused about the correct rituals and the things he experienced lately. He also asked about how to manage statues on an altar, because he is afraid to make mistakes in this case. He wants to know more about Taoism and learn how to conduct a ritual to put a statue on altar (Khai Kuang). (more…)

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Q & A 56

From : Rudy
Question :
I have a statue of Kwan Im Goddess at home. Usually my grandmother used to lo thung (allowing a spirit to enter a body) there. Now she is not well and very often I see a white shadow at home. Also I feel eerie and fatigue. Does it have to do with the altar which used to practive lo thung in the past? Thank you. (more…)

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Q & A 55

From : Ruddy
Question :
I would like to ask about whether we need to find a good day to move a statue of God to a new place? If we need to find the day, how could we find them? Thank you. (more…)

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Q & A 54

From : HermanTan
Question :
I would like to ask about the concept of Tao as a religion. Does it like the others who worship Yu Huang Ta Ti or there are more? Please explain. (more…)

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Q & A 53

From: Iwan
I would like to learn about lotung / tangsin (way to let other soul use or enter to a human body), because in my dream, I met my father (the late) and to take care of this tuapekong. Please give some advice. Thank you. (more…)

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